About Us

Owner Shelby Marks is a plant enthusiast, especially when it comes to the world of succulents.  After giving up her full-time job and becoming a stay at home mom, creating a garden full of succulents started out as a simple hobby, but quickly transitioned into more.  Her home in Northern California serves as her own nursery where she has self-educated herself on this special plant variety. From propagating to learning about the endless varieties, she found a passion for succulents that organically turned itself into a business.  

At local craft fairs and farmer's markets, and also on social media, Shelby began selling her succulent arrangements.  Under the name, Succulent Patch, an Etsy shop was opened in February of 2017.  At the same time, The Succulent Patch was also approached about teaching workshops for people to create their own arrangements. 

In 2018, Shelby was introduced to air plants, a different variety of plants, but just as low maintenance and fun to work with!  Using air plants in terrariums and other unique mediums, these arrangements soon became and remain a staple in The Succulent Patch shop. 

2018 also introduced The Succulent Patch into several local retail locations where a select inventory of succulent and air plant arrangements are displayed and for sale.  

In 2019, The Succulent Patch website became official and will continue to offer succulents and air plant decor to the country, as well as advertise upcoming local workshops.  Future plans for The Succulent Patch website include a blog that will serve as the educational and tutorial aspect of the site.